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can we talk about the identical placement of yellow highlighters? Okay small detail to be hearteyes about but everything about them gives me fluffy feels here

Oh, well spotted! There are so many little synchronizations between them that really do speak to a lot of time spent together, not just in NY but their whole past together. And this kind of mirroring between people shows deep affection.

Another thing that struck me here is how, after their boundaries talk, they are choosing to spend this time together. I know Blaine hasn’t moved out, but they could just as easily be doing this study in different locations, even within the loft. But they are together here, sharing a companionable silence doing a balanced sort of activity. (That is, Blaine’s not doing things for Kurt to the detriment of himself, and Kurt’s not feeling stifled and trapped.) It’s nice to see how Kurt’s tension is relieved and Blaine’s insecurities are eased. Things right now are on a nice, even keel. <3

This is the one solid point that makes me unable to understand why anyone could be completely unhappy with the decision they made for Blaine to move out.  After that conversation we see them together because they want to be, not because they have to be or because they are unbalancing each other.  They are together after that conversation: doing homework, touching freely, holding hands, buying flowers, laughing and smiling over dinner side by side with their friends.  They were free from most of the negative body language and tension that had carried on in previous scenes—they were happy.  

Now, that isn’t to say that all of this isn’t going to compile and worsen (as we know it will in later episodes), but that decision in that moment was good for them, visibly and right in your face.

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Ride Wit Me


you must always reblog this.

This wasn’t even scripted. They were just doing it when Ryan came in and saw and said he liked it and wanted them to do it again for the show. :’) they are perfect

I will never ever understand why they didn’t do this at least once every episode. This might be the best moment of the whole show.

The one thing I would’ve wanted for the newbies, before we said goodbye, was this kind of moment.  I think I would have felt better about leaving them if we’d gotten something like this.

We would have felt better about them staying too, had that been how it shook out.

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Glee Klaine AU___   Blaine the Boyfriend Pillow (Inspired by this)

Kurt has been single for a long time now. Every night he goes to sleep alone and wakes up to a cold space next to him. This has to change.

Despite his better judgement, Kurt finds himself buying an arm pillow and decides to name it Blaine. He treasures his guilty pleasure, enjoying being cuddled to sleep and be kept warm and safe during the night.

One morning, Kurt wakes up to a real person. There’s no way this can be real, but with Blaine everything seems easy and beautiful and Kurt can’t stop himself from enjoying the time they spend together. But it has to end in some sort of way, right? Still, was it really only a dream..?

(Other AUs here)

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"Why is it, when something happens, it is always you three?”